My Journey So Far….

Today, I thought I would do a trip down memory lane and boy is it a long lane!

I joined Younique 3 years ago. Since then I have changed so much and alot has happened.

This is a picture of 1000 words.

The picture on the left shows someone who had zero confidence in herself, would worry about what others thought of her and didn’t know what path her life was going to go down.

The picture on the right was taken today. It shows someone who has taken the decision to be herself. She no longer worries about what people think of her and is not afraid to stand up for herself.

I am no where near done, but I am alot further than I was. I have had ups and downs in those 3 years. I believe things are sent to test you and I am stronger than I ever imagined.

Alot of people would say, well that’s just life. But I can honestly say, without the level of self development we have, I would have struggled.

No matter how long it takes me, I am changing for the better. My confidence is getting stronger and I am now believing in myself.

The person on the left would never have gone on facebook live and showed people how to put makeup on.

The person on the right is not a qualified makeup artist but enjoys going live, showing women that you don’t have to have a knowledge of how to put makeup on to do what I do. It’s about being able to express yourself however you want, we don’t judge, we want people to accept others the way they are.

The reason why I love this opportunity so much is because anyone can do it. Whether you are a new mum, someone who really doesn’t know what they want to do with their life or someone who just wants a new hobby……its literally for anyone.

So what do the next 3 years hold? I have no idea! Who knows what the answer to that is right?! All I do know is I am not stopping, I am going to continue to climb to the top and work on myself until I achieve what I can.

The future is bright and I can’t wait to see where I am in 2020


Hair Mask Review

I don’t know about you but lately my hair has been so try and in need of some TLC.

I bought the below hair mask, ‘Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Deep Nourishing Intensive Mask’, to give it a go.

The mask smells divine! It’s super easy to use and was a huge success.

Simply put on your hair, concentrating on the ends of your hair and leave to soak in for 5 mins and then wash off.

My hair smelt of coconut and really helped bring hair back to life. My hair was super soft and as my hair is really thick, it helped calm it down.

I will definitely be using again! If you ladies have any other hair masks that have worked for you, I would love to hear from you in the comments.

Feeling Grateful

Since I last blogged properly, alot has happened in my life, especially the last few months.

In the space of 2 months, I lost both my aunty and my nanna. Both of them where a massive part of my life, in particular my childhood – if i wasnt at home, I was in their homes.

It had been a fair few years since I last saw my aunty when she passed but I am so very grateful for the memories I have of her growing up. My aunty and my dad where the best of friends and we would always see my nan, grandad, aunty, uncle and my 2 cousins on a regular basis. What particularly stands out for me was the amazing roast dinners my aunty cooked and she always had homemade mince pies in the cake tin – I think thats where I get my love of making them from! We also loved putting the music on and having a dance in her living room…..she was an amazing lady and will be truely missed. Love you Mary xxxx

As for my nan, well she along with my grandad helped bring up my brother and myself, along with our parents of course. When our parents where both working, we spent our time in their house. Again my favourite memories involved food – we would always have sausages, mash, peas and gravy followed my int choc chip ice cream! (Theres a pattern here hahaha! No wonder I love food!) They would take us on holidays in the caravan and also abroad to Yugoslavia – we went there every year until is wasnt safe to go no more.

Im so very grateful for these memories, along with plenty others. They are the things you remember and stay in your mind. No one can take those memories.

Even though it will be hard to think of them not being here this Christmas – they both loved this time of year – I will rmember the happy times and smile, because I am lucky to have those memories.

What made me write this post?

My dad, as some of you know, is in remission from cancer. He got all upset yesterday watching my daughter play with her toys she got for her birthday. Why I hear you ask? He said he didn’t think he would get the opportunity to meet her, let alone witness her play with all her toys, talking, learning her numbers and alphabet etc. It made me realise just how important the little things are in life as you get older.

When we are young, we want the latest computer console, music system, bike, fashionable clothes…..but when you get older, all you simply want is to make these memories with family and friends. Memories last forever, thats what everyone remembers.

This Christmas, if theres someone in your family you have in your phonebook who you havnt spoken to in a while, give them a call, a text or even a Christmas card. Make that contact with them, you never know whats round the corner and go into 2018 with a clear conscience. Theres so much more important things in life whan materialistic objects.


Guess Who’s Back!!

I know, I know!

It’s been a while since I have posted in my blog. Time to up my game and start blogging once again.

I have missed it so much and I have finally decided to just go for it!

In my blog, I will be posting all about my life, but also my business ventures – Younique and Darcey candles – literally every females favourite things, makeup, skincare and candles.

I would love your support, simply by joining my VIP groups. Lots of offers coming in the new year and tips and tricks….

Come join in the fun!

Sparkle Jam Beauty VIP

Darceys by Sparkle Jam Beauty

Thankyou so much for your support and let’s get 2018 off to a flying start 😘

Pigments retiring

Sad times in Younique camp. Our amazing pigments are retiring this month (although if you know how younique work, it also means we are getting brand new products to play with!! Yay!!)

Just look at all those colours that have gone already?!!!!

Not long left for the remainder of the colours.

What’s your fave? Check out the upto date list at 

NEW Nude matte Lipsticks

So unbelievably excited to share this with you all 😍

Everyone loves a nude lip, especially for an all day look or to let your eyes stand out in your make-up……let me introduce you to these amazing new colours on offer this month only. 

The new colours range from browns, all the way to pink. Simple colours for everyday use. The Splash lipsticks are so creamy and gorgeous. To get the most wear out of them, let them dry completely on your lips for about 30 mins without drinking for that ultimate staying power! 

My faves are susceptable and sumptuous 💖 

These amazing colours are a part of our amazing customer kudos this month are are exclusive colours – this means we have no idea if the colours are going to be staying after this month is out. 

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I also have a VIP group with amazing offers and I will also be going live in there to show off the new colours. I would love to see some new faces in there

Let me know which ones are your faves!!

Precious Time

In the UK, Mother’s day was on the 26th March – yesterday. This was only my second mothers day and it made me think about alot.

Why I hear you ask? 

In our local news, we where told of a 4 yr old girl who lost her life in an accident. I couldn’t stop thinking about the little girls family, in particular her mother. I could never imagine loosing a child the day before Mother’s Day. No parent should ever say goodbye to their child, especially that young. 

For me, it put alot into perspective. I can’t even imagine how I would react to this situation. Every minute of everyday is precious and it made me want to spend  even more time with my beautiful daughter. 

I made me realise the smallest thing like reading her a story to taking her on day trips out, everything counts towards making memories. The memories are what no one can take away from you, they stay with you forever. 

Not only that, it’s also as important to her as it is for me. I get that she won’t understand as she is so young, but memories shape the person you become.

Mother’s Day is so precious. There are so many people who are not able to spend the day with their mother due to death, illness, or other circumstances…..but we don’t really think of the mums who can’t spend the day with their kids for the same reasons. 

I will be cuddling my baby that little bit harder for those mums who ate not able to. Life is so precious 💖