Hey Everyone!

My name is Michelle and welcome to my blog. I live in Liverpool, UK with my lovely family, Fiance Ste, our 2 dogs Rosie and Bella and pussy cat Jess.


What made me decide to start this blog is to have a place to write about my brand new business venture ‘Younique’. This is something I am deeply excited about and I would like to share my excitement with all of you.

Along with this I have a love of fashion. Since 2008 I have been trying to have success with my own eBay shop http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Belles-Boutique-2008 It has had its ups and downs but one things for sure, I never give up. Although this is mainly for the cosmetic range, I will also be dedicating a section to anything related to fashion I see or read about. Let’s face it, what female doesn’t like clothes!

The final section I am going to dedicate to positivity. I am a strong believer if you think positive, you will be alot happier in yourself and give off positive vibes to those around you. Its an old saying but its so true ‘Smile and the World Smiles With You’. If you can make one person smile everyday then you are doing something right.


Enjoy Reading! I appreciate your thoughts

Michelle xx


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