Younique Pigments

Let me introduce you to the amazing Younique pigments. They come in a range of amazing colours.



The Younique pigment range is so diverse. Not only can you use the amazing colours as an eyeshadow, but they can be used as a number of other things.



Make your own eyeliner using any of the colours and a bit of the Younique Rosewater

Hair Colours


Going out and want something different? Simply use the pigments to put a bit of colour in your hair. Simply washes out with shampoo.

Nail Colours

nail-polish 1962608_343375412497912_7853598697013601700_n

You can also add a bit of colour to your lips and even use as face paint. Good hey!!

Wait until you see this though. Depending what you mix the colours with determines the finished colour will be. Confused? Look at this:


So every single colour at the top has the possibility of being three different colours! Now thats alot of diversity and well worth the money.

Each individual pot is £10, but for a limited time only you can order 4 pots for only £27, giving you a massive saving! To take advantage of this offer, simply click on the link below and happy colouring:


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