Why I Decided to Join Younique

I know I keep saying it but joining Younique was one of the best things I have ever done in my life so far.

I have a lovely friend who introduced me to Younique. She was posting on Facebook about this brand new company and I remember thinking, ‘Wow! This looks pretty cool! I’ll have to take a look at this!’ Then completely forgot all about it. Then one day she messaged me asking me how things where going, then Younique came up in conversation. After a lot of deliberating I thought, ‘Why not! Let’s do something for me for a change’. I have not looked back.

The past year has been really difficult for me personally. I found myself putting a front on for those around me, when inside the thought of possibly loosing a family member was tearing me apart. If you have been through this yourself, you will understand how exhausting it actually is. We fought hard and fingers crossed, all is actually going to be fine. As my lovely dad says, ‘Never give up on life! It’s the most amazing thing’ and by god is he right!

I have worked in retail for 15 years (ever since my 15th Birthday) so you could say I have plenty of experience, but this is a whole new area for me. I like a challenge, and this is most definitely a challenge.

You could say before joining this company, I was a make-up virgin. I would only wear foundation, mascara and maybe a colour on my lips. I am still learning but I am enjoying my journey πŸ™‚

Younique is more than a business to me. Its a chance for me to be myself and have fun. I have made new friendships and met people I never thought I would have the chance to. Younique has been life changing and I am very much proud to be a part of it.



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