Introducing Baby J

The time has come for me to finally announce our exciting news!

My fiancΓ© and I are happy to announce we are expecting our first child. We are completely over the moon and feel so blessed we have been given this opportunity to become parents.

Last week we had our first scan. As most women know, before you go for your first scan, you don’t believe that you are pregnant – no matter how many home tests you take. In the space of 5 seconds, reality hit us! That really was our little bundle of joy, our first child growing inside!

There is nothing more precious than seeing it for the very first time, moving its little arms and legs, it really was us. At one point baby J got the hiccups, maternal instincts kicked in and I had to ask the nurse if baby was ok, to which she said it was completely normal.

Please meet baby J:

babyj 12wkscanWhats even more special is baby J is due 5th December, just in time for our favourite time of the year, Christmas!

Can not wait to find out the gender of our little bundle of joy! Exciting times ahead for us!


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