Jamberry love!

I am so proud to announce that i am a Jamberry independent consultant!

Jamberry has only been in the UK for about 6 weeks and already I have achieved so much.

I have met so many lovely people already from around the world. My mentor is from Australia, pretty cool hey!


Why I decided to join.

Sometimes in life it takes a specific moment to make you think about your life and where it is going. My moment happened when I had my baby girl.

Ever since then I have been dreading going back to work, not because of work, because the thought of leaving her to go to work upsets me. I want to be there for her firsts and not miss on her growing up.

I was doing Younique but always felt like something was missing. When Jamberry arrived I instantly knew this was for me.

I have always had an interest in nail art and before I got pregnant, would do my own gel nails and loved it. It was something I missed but refused to do because of the chemicals it involved. Thats why Jamberry is so amazing. The 5 main chemicals you find in varnish and wraps are not used in Jamberry products. They’re completely safe for me and my daughter.


I want to be able to give this opportunity to other mums in my position. Gone are the days where you have to work 6 days a week to be able to save for a holiday or a day out. There is another way and network marketing is it – plus its super fun with over 300 different wraps to choose from

When you join, this is the kit you receive….literally everything you can possibly need to get your business off the ground quickly


If you are interested in finding more out about Jamberry, send me a message or check out http://sparklejamnail.jamberry.com for all the amazing designs available



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