Slimming World Journey

3 weeks ago I decided to join slimming world once again.

Before having my daughter, I did slimming world for a few years and reached my target weight. Since then and throughout my pregnancy I have managed to put on just over 3 stone. I knew if I didn’t stop and do something about it then it would have just got worse and worse.

In those three weeks I have managed to loose 5 1/2lb so far and I am so proud of myself.

The main issue I have is motivation. With having my baby, as all mums know, you forget about yourself and concentrate on your baby. It sounds silly, but stupid things like forgetting to have a drink throughout the day start happening and you just want quick and easy things to make while baby is playing or sleeping.

To help me with this, I got this amazing slimming world journal.


It was free when you purchased a 12 week countdown, so you have the motivation of having to go every week for the next 3 months plus this amazing book.

I won’t show you inside because it is very personal to the individual but its so much more than just writing down what you are eating. Your mindset is a massive part of weight loss and how you feel about yourself. If you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside.

Im excited for this week and hoping to get my 1/2 stone award next Tuesday


3 thoughts on “Slimming World Journey

  1. Gluten Free Slimmer says:

    Good luck for this week I hope you get your 1/2 a stone award! I’ve just got the planner too and absolutely loving it, makes me write everything down… Even the cheeky snacks! πŸ˜‹

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