Juice Plus 

So as you all know, I have been trying to loose my 3 stone baby weight. 

This week I managed to loose another 1 1/2lb, bringing my total to 9 1/2lb. As good as that is, and I really am proud of myself, I really struggle to do breakfasts.

Being a new mum, finding time to fit everything in is really taking its strain. I was finding myself sorting baby out with her breakfast, playing with her for a bit and before I know it, its her dinner time and I havn’t eaten or even drank anything sometimes. 

I know I have done slimming world before and got to target but that was solely me on my own, I didn’t have responsibilities and missing meals is no good, even if I am loosing weight.

I decided to give myself a boost and try Juice Plus. They do a number of products but for me, I have decided on the shakes and the boosters.

My boosters arrived today so we will see how these go. With a bit of luck these will stop me from snacking and making the wrong choices.

If you have tried these yourself, I would love to know how you found them.


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