Juice Plus Update

Last time I posted about this diet I was a bit sceptical about it. I was trying the boosters which are supposed to help you loose weight.


I took these for 2 days and I felt so ill taking them. The powder you have to mix with water and no matter what I did, I felt really sick afterwards. I tried mixing it with a full flass of water, with a bit of water and then having a glass of water afterwards, putting the powder in my mouth then drinking water (the worst one!) and even having it with coconut water. 

I ended up sending them back. They are not for everyone. My advice, if you want to try them, ask a rep for a trial run before you buy. 

I have also been trying the shakes. Now these I really like. They are just like milkshakes but have numerous fruit and veg in them. 

They advise to mix the powder with milk and add fruit to bulk it up. As I am on slimming world,adding fruit or veg is a no no…..so instead I mix mine with ice. 

I tend to have mine first thing in the morning as looking after my 8 month old and sorting your own breakfast out is difficult. By the time you get your breakfast its more like dinner time. These shakes are also synned with SW so you need to be careful when loosing weight. The quickness is good, but you need to be disciplined for the rest of the day. 

As I am only having one a day I have way too many pouches. Want to try a pouch? Message me as I have many spare….vanilla or chocolate.


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