Slimming World Determination

This week I am chasing my 1 stone award having missed it this week by 1/2lb.

I don’t want to just get it, I want to smash it. I find it easier staying on track if I post my meals to you lovely people. 

So today consisted of boring toast with cheese on top (no pic)

For my lunch, my dad was coming over to see the baby. Knowing he always asks me if I would like a wrap from McDonalds, I decided to decline his offer even though I had 0 syns yesterday so I could. I made my own version of a chicken and cheese (HE) salad. So proud of myself for doing so and saved myself a whopping 24syns for the week! 

For my dinner I decided on a ‘fakeaway’ of fish, sw chips, mushy peas and curry sauce.

As mushy peas are no longer a speed food (gutted!) and we are encouraged to have 1/3 of our plate as speed, i added onion and mushrooms to the curry. It was lovely and was 2 syns for the curry sauce.

Later on I treated myself to frozen berries, muller light yoghurt, 1 hifi bar (3 syns) and choc shot (2 syns). 

Even though I had that, I wanted to have a big chocolate binge but I resisted as I want the weight loss more. So far so good! 

Total syns of the week so far = 7/105


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