SW – Average Day

Today started off positive with yummy porridge as my HE B and half my A. I added fresh raspberries to get some speed into my breakfast. It was really filling and so much better than what I was used to having. 

I wanted a pretty simple lunch and the SW Iceland range is perfect for that. As recommended by my consultant, it was absolutely gorgeous. Very filling as it is packed with speed veg and potatoes and some chillies to give it a bit of bite. I would completely recommend this and can’t wait to have it again.

Mid afternoon I was craving a latte, so ended up having a Tassimo Carte Noire Caramel Latte for 4.5 syns and a butter biscuit to go with it for 3.5 syns. 

I feel like ive wasted my syns today a bit but I actually havnt had any others than this so I am still within my weekly range.

For my dinner I made chicken pizza. Unfortunately there is no picture πŸ˜• but its literally a chicken breast cut to open up flat then on the top you put tomatoes or tomato puree, vegetables and cook in the oven. Melt cheese on top (HE A) and its like a pizza 😍

Total syns this week so far = 15/105


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