Believe In You

How many of us spend our life going to work, coming home, going to work with the occasional going out with our friends/partners?

That used to be my life until I had my little girl. Before then, looking back, I didn’t know what my purpose was. I had my degree, my job and was in a happy relationship but what about ME. 

I had started my Younique business but I still felt lost, like something was missing. Fast forward 9 months and I realised what that was – motherhood. 

It wasn’t a case of trying to be accepted anymore, this little person was relying on me to look after her. It was like someone had turned the light switch on in my head and I could see everything clearly. 

I no longer cared about what people thought of me, whether I was wearing the latest clothes, what the latest trends where, going to every concert to every group I liked. 

I started to believe in me, the mother, the provider, the business woman. I finally liked the person I was becoming and wasn’t listening to those people who try to put you down.

Throughout the whole of my life, I have had people put me down and this was the one thing no one could take away from me. My confidence is growing by the day and now everything I do is for my baby. 

Everyone needs to find the one thing that turns that switch on, something that makes you feel like you are enough. You can do anything if you just believe in yourself and stop worrying what other people think about you.


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