Gammon and Vegetable Soup

Ive been meaning to post this up for a while so here goes.

As my regular followers know, I am doing slimming world (SW). The weight is coming off slowly but now we have our own house, and the weather is starting to turn miserable, I want to try new things. 

Last week was to master soup making. In our SW group we like to share recipies with fellow member and this was one of them. 

All you need is a soup mix….I used the co-op broth and soup mix (1/2 of the packet that had been soaking for half the day) unsmoked gammon, potatoes and literally any vegetables I had in….I used onion, leeks and carrots. 

I put it in the slow cooker, covered with water and added a vegetable stock cube, on high and let it cook for 6 hours whilst I was in work. Came home and it was all ready.

The soup was gorgeous but when I make it again, I think I would let the mix soak the night before. Perfect winter food and all syn free which is even better 😍


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