Kicking Slimming World Into Gear

With various things going on last week, I am ashamed to say I managed to gain 1 1/2lb last week. 

I was so upset about it, I have been doing slimming world 100% since yesterday.

I started today with 16 syns already used from Tuesday due to poor planning as I was in work and had limited good choices, but what I did have, I looked up and wrote everything down.

For my evening meal in work yesterday I chose this ready meal below. I thought it might have been fairly low in syns, when I looked it up, it was actually 9 syns. Although it was fairly high, I was still in full control of my weight loss.

Fast Forward To Today

I started off the day with my weetabix and strawberries, followed by my lunch which consisted of a jacket potato with tuna and a little bit of light mayo for 2 syns and a salad, which included the famous speed food beetroot.

The afternoon is where I struggle, but I got through it with yoghurt and fruit.

Evening meal consisted of slimming world chilli with rice and again more salad. 

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a massive mexican fan so when I am feeling down and low, I tend to reach out to chilli as my comfort food (seeing as I can’t have much choccy)

Later on I was feeling a bit peckish again so snacked on yoghurt and berries.

So far this week, I have had 18/105 syns making me conpletely on track for a weight loss this week 😍

Feeling focussed and ready to go again in the morning ❀


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