So its been a while since I have updated you on my gorgeous princess. She is now 11 months old….yes its flown by right?!

She is now sitting, crawling around EVERYWHERE!, and trying to stand up! Mummy is in trouble haha!

She has just been to her health and development check and is doing perfect.

I know I am a new mum but one thing I have noticed is people tend to compare what milestones their child is upto. The standard ‘mine is doing this and that’ and when your baby isn’t, you get THE LOOK, that makes you feel like you are a bad parent.

Newsflash mums and dads, you are doing a perfect job! Every child reaches the milestones at different times. Just because yours is standing and the next child is crawling, doesn’t mean that you are doing a better job. 

If anything, it’s you that’s showing your kids it’s normal to compare yourself against other people. Surely we live in a society where it is acceptable to BE YOU no matter what the next person is doing. We as parents are teaching our kids this behaviour is acceptable, when it’s not. They learn from us so it’s upto us to break that barrier society puts up of what is ‘the norm’. 

We are so proud of everything our princess has achieved so far and can’t wait to see what’s next for her. It’s exciting to watch her grow into the lovely little girl she is becoming 💖


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