Straightening Brush Review

Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love having straight hair. 

I was given a straightening Brush to try and I have to say I won’t be using again.  

So this is my hair when it’s left to dry naturally….perfect for trying out the brush. You can change the temperature on the brush so you are in full control. 

I found that the temperature control being on the side of the handle was annoying as I kept turning it up and down when I didn’t want to. Not only that, while I was brushing my hair, literally slumps of my hair was coming out and it was hurting. 

I did half of my head and I was so annoyed with it. 


This was the result of attempting to use the brush. All in all, there’s no way I would use this brush again and I wouldn’t even pass it on for someone else to try. The temperature control is so dangerous and I’ve burnt my hands using it. 

Using my loyal GHD straighteners, I managed to get my hair the way I like πŸ™‚ GHDS for the win!! 


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