Rituals Love 

We all know that when we go Christmas shopping it difficult not to buy something for yourself right? You always see something new you want to try….This happened to me.

We went to Cheshire Oaks to go gift hunting. For those of you who don’t know, Cheshire Oaks is a retail outlet for designer brands. You basically get designer items cheaper.

I had never heard of this brand before but there was a lady standing outside giving leaflets out for a ‘free gift’. 

The brand was Rituals. They specialise in skincare for both women and men. All their products are natural based and are not tested on animals.

I managed to get myself a free hand massage and the products where that good, I ended up buying the kit she used on my hands.

I’ve recreated the before and after for you but you have to really see it in person to get the full effect. 

First she used the shower oil on my hands and then put the scrub on and massaged it in. What I didn’t realise is when you use scrub at home, you find that it falls off your skin really easily especially when you are in the shower. But…If you use shower oil first, the scrub sticks to the oil.and you don’t loose any of it so get the full effect and don’t loose any.

After that you simply put moisturiser on. 

My skin felt super soft and even changed the colour of my skin. 

The before you can see the skin on my knuckles is raised and the front of my hand is all scaly.

On the after picture, everything is smoothed out – including my nails! 

I also used the products on my feet in the bath and no joke, it literally felt like I had new feet.

I would most certainly recommend Rituals if you suffer with dry skin in the horrible cold weather. 

They have plenty of different fragrances, the one above is mild floral but I would most definitely buy this again.

To check out the full range please visit uk.rituals.com


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