Bring It On 2017

So we are finally in 2017 🎉

I have made a few goals for this year; business, lifestyle and personal life. Big and small…all of which mean something to me in some shape or form.

My main one is my business – Sparkle Jam Beauty. I want to make it a huge success and get my name out there. Changing women’s life’s all over the world is really what made me take the decision to treat my business as a business. 

Before now I loved the make-up and was interested in selling but now I’m ready to do it properly. To me, it’s not just about selling. It’s all about the foundation for me. The Younique Foundation raises money for women and children who have suffered abuse. We have a retreat which offers help and support for all those affected – pretty amazing right!

Can not wait to see where 2017 takes me! I’m ready for you, let’s kick some ***


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