Slimming World Take 2

Hey everyone! So its the new year and I havn’t lost any weight throughout January. I’ve had a hard talk to myself and I’m on it this week! 

Today for breakfast I had my HE B in porridge with cut up apple and strawberries, plus cinnamon on the top. I have to say, it was rather yummy! 

Lunchtime I wasn’t even hungry so decided take some soup. I got a soup maker for my birthday last month and it’s super easy to use. I made some vegetable soup, just look at this:

For evening meal I opted for the lovely chicken pizza. It was yummy! On them this time I had tomato puree, mushrooms, peppers and cheese. I put them in the oven with some potatoes instead of chips. 

I also added some extra veg on the side for some added speed food.

Afterwards I had a muller light and an apple 💪

So determined to loose weight this week!! Bring on tomorrow!!


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