My Journey So Far….

Today, I thought I would do a trip down memory lane and boy is it a long lane!

I joined Younique 3 years ago. Since then I have changed so much and alot has happened.

This is a picture of 1000 words.

The picture on the left shows someone who had zero confidence in herself, would worry about what others thought of her and didn’t know what path her life was going to go down.

The picture on the right was taken today. It shows someone who has taken the decision to be herself. She no longer worries about what people think of her and is not afraid to stand up for herself.

I am no where near done, but I am alot further than I was. I have had ups and downs in those 3 years. I believe things are sent to test you and I am stronger than I ever imagined.

Alot of people would say, well that’s just life. But I can honestly say, without the level of self development we have, I would have struggled.

No matter how long it takes me, I am changing for the better. My confidence is getting stronger and I am now believing in myself.

The person on the left would never have gone on facebook live and showed people how to put makeup on.

The person on the right is not a qualified makeup artist but enjoys going live, showing women that you don’t have to have a knowledge of how to put makeup on to do what I do. It’s about being able to express yourself however you want, we don’t judge, we want people to accept others the way they are.

The reason why I love this opportunity so much is because anyone can do it. Whether you are a new mum, someone who really doesn’t know what they want to do with their life or someone who just wants a new hobby……its literally for anyone.

So what do the next 3 years hold? I have no idea! Who knows what the answer to that is right?! All I do know is I am not stopping, I am going to continue to climb to the top and work on myself until I achieve what I can.

The future is bright and I can’t wait to see where I am in 2020


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