The day finally arrived! 1st March was the official launch day for Beautiful In Your Skin and it didn’t disappoint 😍😍

Beautiful In Your Skin as you all know is the original name for my blog….this has never changed. I wanted to tie in my blog with my business, so all my customers got to know the real me and what my business is all about.

So why Beautiful In Your Skin?

For what seems like forever, alot of women in society have always struggled with being themselves.

Whether it’s struggling with gender, sexuality, race, looks etc, there’s always been remarks made by other individuals to pull these women down, giving them a low self esteem, not believing in themselves and literally putting them in a corner.

Through doing my business for the past 4 years, I have realised just how common this is.

My aim for my business is to help all women feel beautiful in their skin, no matter what their situation. Everyone deserves to be uplifted and empowered on a daily basis. None of this ‘What does she look like?’ ‘What is she wearing?’ etc.

A perfect way to help women achieve this is to help them feel beautiful on the outside and help them believe that they can do and be anything in their wildest dreams, if they just believe in themselves that little bit more. That in turn, helps them feel beautiful on the inside and they just blossom into who they’ve always wanted to be πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Beauty does start from within, I do get that, but when you have been told numerous times you are not good enough your self esteem hits rock bottom and you start to believe this.

For me, when I joined Younique, I started to like how I looked again. I was learning something I had always wanted to do but never thought I was good enough to do it. Over time I started to understand the power of being able to love yourself through make-up and being around other presenters from all over the world, it has truly helped me with my confidence and has helped me embrace my individuality – lets face it, if we where all the same, the world would be pretty boring right!

You would never have seen the old me go on facebook live for instance, putting makeup on. That’s the beauty of this business… don’t need to be a make-up artist to be able to share tips and tricks you have picked up. It’s not about who can do this better, it’s all about helping other women embracing their individuality and giving them the confidence to say ‘hey do you know what, I would love to give this a go and help other women too!’

I am super excited for my new outlook on my business and can’t wait to see where this takes me! If you think this would be something you would be interested in and join me on my journey with my amazing team, please don’t hesitate to message me or check out my new website and click on join to see all about Younique and The Younique Foundation which raises money for sexually abused women and children.



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