Happy International Women’s Day

The 8th March International Women’s Day ❤

For me this is about embracing womanhood.

No two women are the same, we all have our flaws and our strengths. When women get together, something amazing happens. We unite together because we show support for one another.

Being a woman is difficult at times. Society judges us for everything we do and say…..women in the public eye are always criticised for how they look, who they are pictured with etc…..but what about what’s going on mentally for them?

Who writes about how strong these women are being after going through difficult times? being there for their kids? Coping with loss? Instead it’s always what they look like, what they are wearing etc.

It’s time we embraced other people’s individuality and supported each other matter what they look like, fashion, makeup, etc.

Since joining Younique, I have learnt so much about myself. I used to be shy and withdrawn. Would freak out if someone spoke to me because, well why would anyone want to speak to me when they have plenty of other people to talk to?

I learnt that it’s ok to be yourself. Being yourself is what makes you unique and attractive to others. If they want to judge, let them! It says more about them than it does about you ❤

I have so many more friendships now than I have ever had before. Why? Because these women are in the same position as me. They are starting to believe in themselves and being on a similar journey with these women is so empowering. We help each other through the bad times and no matter what the problem is, there’s always someone to talk to. It’s a sisterhood like no other and it has totally changed my outlook on life.

Today I have celebrated how amazing women are. Individually we have been through so much heartache, stress, anxiety, depression etc but together we stand United and find that strength that, yes, we can do anything we want, overcome any issues we have and achieve our dreams.

So to all my Y Sisters, film and friends, may we achieve our dreams and continue to support each other ❤


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