So its been a while since I have updated you on my gorgeous princess. She is now 11 months old….yes its flown by right?!

She is now sitting, crawling around EVERYWHERE!, and trying to stand up! Mummy is in trouble haha!

She has just been to her health and development check and is doing perfect.

I know I am a new mum but one thing I have noticed is people tend to compare what milestones their child is upto. The standard ‘mine is doing this and that’ and when your baby isn’t, you get THE LOOK, that makes you feel like you are a bad parent.

Newsflash mums and dads, you are doing a perfect job! Every child reaches the milestones at different times. Just because yours is standing and the next child is crawling, doesn’t mean that you are doing a better job. 

If anything, it’s you that’s showing your kids it’s normal to compare yourself against other people. Surely we live in a society where it is acceptable to BE YOU no matter what the next person is doing. We as parents are teaching our kids this behaviour is acceptable, when it’s not. They learn from us so it’s upto us to break that barrier society puts up of what is ‘the norm’. 

We are so proud of everything our princess has achieved so far and can’t wait to see what’s next for her. It’s exciting to watch her grow into the lovely little girl she is becoming 💖


C- Section Awareness Month


Thanks to c-sections being available I am able to say my daughter is a healthy little girl. Without one it could have been a completely different story.
I went for my routine midwife apointment Friday morning and I was already 6 days over my due date. Babys heart rate wasn’t right so I was sent to get checked over at the hospital.
After being on a heart monitor for over an hour they still where not happy and decided it would be best for baby and myself if I went to the Women’s Hospital in Liverpool to be induced and get the baby moving.

After being induced, I was finally ready to be transferred to the delivery suite at 1am (10hrs after arriving)

This was it!! I was going to meet my baby for the first time! The adrenaline was nothing like I had experienced before.

I wanted a water birth but because of all the drips I needed, this wasn’t possible.

A few hrs had passed and I was not dilating anymore but the pain was ridiculous. I was constantly throwing up and no pain relief was making me comfortable.

Middle of the afternoon on Saturday and 3 midwives later my body eventually gave in. I was going in and out of consciousness and rememeber very little from this point.
What I do remember was my mum telling my fiance when a contraction was coming so he could put the gas and air in my mouth and tell me to ‘go!’ In the hope that i was conscious enough to breathe in. At this point I had only dilated an extra 1cm from when I arrived.

It was midwife change over in an hr and they said they where going to leave me a bit longer. My fiance was not happy and pointed out it was obvious that there was no way I was going to be able to push the baby out. Next thing I remember being woken up with a surgeon standing over me and asking me questions and telling me the baby was in distress so they needed to act asap.

I was having a c – section.

As soon as they took the drips out of my arms, my contractions completely stopped…..very clear my body would not have been able to push the baby out.

From what I can remember the surgery was very quick and at 5.03pm on Saturday my beautiful baby girl was born.


Later on I was told she was stuck in my pelvis and there was no way I would have been able to deliver her naturally.

When she was born, I had remarks off people saying ‘oh so you couldnt get her out, so you went for the easy option’ and ‘you where just tired’.
When you have just had a baby, those remarks are enough to make you suffer with depression.

People think that having a section is the easy way out. You don’t get a section because you ‘can’t be bothered’. You get them because it is in the best interest of your baby and yourself. The NHS is struggling as it is, so they are not going to give them to just anyone.

Without the quick thinking of my birthing partners, the midwives and surgeon my daughter and I would not be here.

I am so very thankful for each and every person who helped me from the Friday I went for my routine check-up up until I was finally allowed home Monday night.

If you know someone who has had a section, please ‘think’. Everyones circumstances are different and your remarks might just be the one that send them over the edge. Every delivery is different, just like every pregnancy.


MAM anti-colic bottles

My 10 week old little girl was originally on tommee tippee bottles since birth and was struggling with getting her wind out. It was hard work trying to make her comfortable after bottles and she was always cranky.

We thought we where doing something wrong until we got sent a ‘free’ MAM anti-colic bottle in the post.

It literally was the best thing ever! These bottles have a genius design:


As the bottles are well ventilated, its so much more easier for baby to drink and still be happy at the end of the bottle.

Ever since both mummy and daddy have been having a full nights sleep, but more importantly baby is so much more happier!

Thanks to our freebie, we have now invested in a set of these bottles. They have these cute little designs on the front of them…..naturally we got the pink ones for our little princess.


The bottles are available in most baby shops, supermarkets and online stores.

Week 28 Midwife

So today was my appointment with the midwife again. All went well and baby Jones is growing well, horray!!

Only problem is my damn blood. They where meant to be testing me for anaemia today but unfortunately I have rubbish thin veins so the midwife could not find a vein. I am having to go to a blood specialist to get my blood sample. I can see the nurses having fun with me during labour :/

It’s magical hearing the baby’s heartbeat though, so reassuring that shes doing well and makes me feel like I’m doing something right in helping my little angel grow πŸ™‚

Baby Jones Update

So with everything going on I have neglected my blog. I’m guessing you are all dying to find out what sex our little baby is…



We are so unbelievably excited to meet our little princess. The scan showed all was fine with her and she is of good health, which is reassuring.

We are currently 28 weeks pregnant so are just in the 3rd trimester…eeekkk!!! It is going so fast. We are currently in the process of buying a house aswell so if all goes well it will be all hands on trying to get the nursery ready for when baby arrives. Everyone has been so nice in giving us stuff and are are really grateful to everyone for everything we have so far.

It’s amazing how much our lives have changed already and we can’t wait for her to be here so we can share what we have with her ❀

Baby Jones Heartbeat

So last week we where fortunate enough to listen to our amazing babys heartbeat at our midwife appointment. Listening for the first time was tear jerking! Whats even better is Ste managed to record the whole experience…something we will treasure forever.

Next week sees us having another scan. This time its the sexting scan!! Woo!!! We can not wait to find out the sex of our gorgeous baby. Exciting times!!

4 Month Mark

So today marks 4 months into our baby Jones pregnancy. It has completely flown and we can not believe we are nearly half way.

The past four months have been a rollercoaster but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Morning sickness I could have done without – or in my case all day sickness.

The highlight of these last few months has to be seeing our little baby for the first time. That was the moment when we realised ‘Yes this is actually happening, we are going to be parents!’.

As scary as it is, I can not wait to see what the next 4 months bring. Will it be a prince or princess?! We are so excited and it means the world to us we have been given this amazing miracle of our own.