Slimming World Chicken Pizza

Tonight I wanted to try something different with chicken. I looked online and came across Chicken Pizza.

Simply using a chicken breast,  flatten it out and use it as the pizza base.

On ours I kept it simple and just used tomato puree and cheese (healthy extra) but you could add peppers and mushrooms to the top of your pizza and it would still be free.

I would definitely make this again but I think I will have a look for some low syn oven chips. If anyone knows of any please let me know 🙂 

That with salad would be even better. A must for a simple meal 😍

Brand New Mascara

Younique released a brand new mascara formula and wow did they deliver! 😍

Brand new gel wand, new fibers and a new neck wiper in the gel bottle. The only thing they have left the same is the actual bottles. 

This was our exclusive launch kit we received for being a presenter! Pretty cool hey 😍

If you have tried the old formula, you would have noticed that the old fibers, rayon, where drying out the gel. With this new formula and design, the fibers, now nylon, don’t get into the gel because of the bottle neck wiper and those that do, don’t dry out the new gel 💖 

I have done a few Facebook lives with this mascara. If you would like to see them, send me a message and I will add you to my group. Includes tips on how to apply the gel and get super long lashes 💖

The new mascara is available to buy straight from my website

Fry Up Slimming World Style

I fancied something different for tea on Saturday so decided on a fry up with a difference – all free 😍

In the oven, I put baby potatoes cut in half, with red onion and mushrooms, sprayed with frylight. They took about 40 mins to cook.

Meanwhile I grilled some Iceland Slimming World sausages (full fat ones for my other half) and baked beans in a pan.

Simple and not in the slightest like the typical diet meal 💖

If you like spicy food, you could put chilli flakes on the potatoes to give it some more flavour!

Defo one of my favourite meals and I am starting to get into the swing of Slimming World again!

Bring It On 2017

So we are finally in 2017 🎉

I have made a few goals for this year; business, lifestyle and personal life. Big and small…all of which mean something to me in some shape or form.

My main one is my business – Sparkle Jam Beauty. I want to make it a huge success and get my name out there. Changing women’s life’s all over the world is really what made me take the decision to treat my business as a business. 

Before now I loved the make-up and was interested in selling but now I’m ready to do it properly. To me, it’s not just about selling. It’s all about the foundation for me. The Younique Foundation raises money for women and children who have suffered abuse. We have a retreat which offers help and support for all those affected – pretty amazing right!

Can not wait to see where 2017 takes me! I’m ready for you, let’s kick some ***

Rituals Love 

We all know that when we go Christmas shopping it difficult not to buy something for yourself right? You always see something new you want to try….This happened to me.

We went to Cheshire Oaks to go gift hunting. For those of you who don’t know, Cheshire Oaks is a retail outlet for designer brands. You basically get designer items cheaper.

I had never heard of this brand before but there was a lady standing outside giving leaflets out for a ‘free gift’. 

The brand was Rituals. They specialise in skincare for both women and men. All their products are natural based and are not tested on animals.

I managed to get myself a free hand massage and the products where that good, I ended up buying the kit she used on my hands.

I’ve recreated the before and after for you but you have to really see it in person to get the full effect. 

First she used the shower oil on my hands and then put the scrub on and massaged it in. What I didn’t realise is when you use scrub at home, you find that it falls off your skin really easily especially when you are in the shower. But…If you use shower oil first, the scrub sticks to the oil.and you don’t loose any of it so get the full effect and don’t loose any.

After that you simply put moisturiser on. 

My skin felt super soft and even changed the colour of my skin. 

The before you can see the skin on my knuckles is raised and the front of my hand is all scaly.

On the after picture, everything is smoothed out – including my nails! 

I also used the products on my feet in the bath and no joke, it literally felt like I had new feet.

I would most certainly recommend Rituals if you suffer with dry skin in the horrible cold weather. 

They have plenty of different fragrances, the one above is mild floral but I would most definitely buy this again.

To check out the full range please visit

Younique Pink Status


I am officially a pink status younique presenter 💖

For anyone who doesn’t know, being pink status is a pretty big deal. It’s the first step of being noticed as a team builder. 

For me though, I’m not a fan of the word team in this senario. I like to think of us as a family working together and helping each other. TEAM just sounds so competitive to me and that’s not what this is about.

I’m excited for new family members to join us and hopefully become a close family! This is only the beginning for me and its so exciting!!

Slimming World Award

Woo! !

I did it! I reached my 1 1/2 stone award today 🙂

I’ve been working hard these past few weeks trying to get it. I found it fairly easy though the past few weeks, what with making soups and stews in this cold weather. I think it’s definitely easier loosing weight in the winter….fingers crossed it won’t take long to get my 2 stone award 🙂