So today I saw this post from the lovely Cheryl and thought wow this woman lives and breathes Younique.


What she was saying is so right though. Why do women feel the need to compete with each other and put one another down? Is it just to make themselves feel better or is it something more?

I am proud to be a part of Younique. Our mission is to empower, uplift and validate each and every women from around the world. No matter what that persons background, where they are in life or what they are aspiring to be, each and every woman should be treated with dignity and respect by everyone.

Being a new mum, I am more aware of whats going on around me and what I would like for my daughter. One things for sure, I would like her to feel positive in everything she does and inspire her friends and people around her to do the same.

There is too much negativity in the world, its time women stuck together.

I love what Younique has done for me by changing my outlook in life and I want to share it with everyone!



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